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Tri-State Wilbert Vault sells a wide variety of beautiful, well crafted caskets to funeral professionals in the Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia Tri-state area.

Interior Color:
Exterior Color:

18 Gauge Steel: Gasketed

Amethyst 18 Ga HJE1
Ametrine Plum HA28
Velvet Interior
Augustine Ebony
Velvet Interior
Augustine Orchid
Velvet Interior
Augustine Silver
Velvet Interior
Classic Bronze 26 18G HF80
Velvet Interior
Classic Cherry
Velvet Interior
Corintian - Bronze
Corintian - Metallic Blue
Corintian - Orchid
Corintian - Pewter
Corintian - White - Pink
Corintian - White - White
Empress Rose 18 Ga HB24
Velvet Interior
Going Home - All White
Going Home - Almond
Going Home - Bronze
Going Home - Light Blue
Going Home - Pewter
Going Home - White - Pink
Going Home Metallic Blue 18 Ga
Heaven Has a New Angel - Almond
Heaven Has a New Angel - Bronze
Heaven Has a New Angel - White
Homeward Going Home 18 Ga HP57
Horizon - All White
Horizon - Almond
Horizon - Bronze
Horizon - Light Blue
Horizon - Metallic Blue
Horizon - Orchid
Horizon - White - Pink
Huntington Green 18 Ga HJEH
Velvet Interior
In God's Care - Almond
In God's Care - Light Blue
In God's Care - Orchid
In God's Care 18 Ga HPM9
In God's Care -All White
Kingston White Sand HTO8
Velvet Interior
Lincoln Silver 26 18G HF37
Velvet Interior
Lord's Prayer Almond
Lord's Prayer Bronze
Lord's Prayer White
Matriarch Orchid
Mother's Rose - White
Motion Lt Blue 18 Ga HJ37
Patriarch Metallic Blue
Patriarch Pewter
Patriot - Light Blue
Patriot - Metallic Blue
Patriot - Pewter
Pearl Rose - White
Praying Hands - Almond
Praying Hands - Bronze
Praying Hands - White - Pink
Praying Hands - White - White
Praying Hands Metallic Blue
Summit - Almond
Summit - Bronze
Summit - Light Blue
Triton 26 18G HT06
Velvet Interior
White Cross HP04